What is Functional Fitness? 

Functional training is defined as movements or exercises that improve a person’s ability to complete their daily activities or to achieve a specific goal.

How Does This Work? 

Step One: Functional Movement Screen

Step Two: Select Your Training Package

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What is a Movement Screen? 

Screening is the first step toward a better you!

This is an assessment to establish your baseline of movement. We need to know how you move right now so we can help you move better in the future. 

If you experience any pain during the movement screen, you will be referred to Chiropractic Care for a full examination to prevent further injury.


Packages & Pricing


Gym Membership Only

Monthly Fee $60 

Want to get fit on your own? No problem! Sign up for full access to our gym during business hours. Renewable monthly.


Movement Screen

One Time Fee $100 

This screen tracks your baseline of movement. We need to know how you move now, so you can move better tomorrow. 


1 on 1 Training

60 MINUTES $120 

Your trainer will create a customized fitness plan based on your movement screen. You


1 on 2 Train with a Friend! 

60 MINUTES $120 

Achieve your goals together with a customized fitness plan designed by our trainer.


Small Group Training

3x per week $40/session

2x per week $45/session

1x per week $50/session

Monday & Wednesday 5:15pm - 6:15pm 

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30am - 9:30am



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