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Core Care is located in beautiful Cambria, CA. 

We exist to provide compassionate, caring, individualized treatment involving natural pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and optimum performance training through a sports medicine model. We seek to create an environment in which every person may pursue their optimal health using the most advanced, evidence-informed methods delivered in a personalized and patient driven manner.

In this environment we combine multiple disciplines of care including chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, health kinesiology, sports performance, and strength and conditioning. Our providers strive every day to deliver care in a manner congruent with our mission and vision for those seeking our services.


Our Team

Daniel Kiyama  title

Daniel is a California native, born in the Central Coast town of San Luis Obispo. Daniel moved to Orange County to attend UC Irvine where he earned a Bachelor's degree in biology. He earned his Master's degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine at South Baylo University in Anaheim, CA. Daniel is the second of four kids of Japanese immigrants, and was raised in a strict Japanese household. It was this strict discipline that resulted in Daniel having a perfect attendance record from kindergarten to 12th grade. Daniel's father, Ken, is an example of the classic story of a family moving to America for a better life. He began on a farm, and eventually started his own gardening and landscaping business in San Luis Obispo County, where he continues to work today at 78 years of age.

Brandy Maynard

Brandy has lived in Cambria the last 16 years. She graduated from the California Holistic Institute in the Summer of 2012 specializing in medical massage. With a background in dance and her knowledge of the human anatomy, she is a perfect fit to run our morning exercise class as well as personal one on one training. She has been part of the Core Care team since August 2014. In her free time Brandy enjoys painting, gardening and enjoying the natural beauty of the Central Coast.

Diego Pena

Diego is a long time Central Coast resident who graduated from the California Holistic Institute in the Fall of 2015 specializing in massage therapy. Having an injury himself inspired him to want to help others in their time of need and he was immediately brought on to the Core Care staff. With background in mixed martial arts and personal training, Diego would like to open his own gym and encourage others to live a healthy and active lifestyle.



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